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첨단의료기기 생산

DNHmedtech는 첨단 의료기기 제품을 개발, 생산하는 제조회사입니다.

의료기기 국내유통

직접 개발하고, 생산한 의료기기를 국내시장에 공급합니다.

의료기기 수출

우수한 성능의 자체 의료기기를 전 세계 시장에 공급합니다.

DNHmedtech Products introduction

DNHmedtech Products

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HF Electrosurgery Actto-50A

Actto-50A, a high frequency electrosurgery system, helps manage soft tissues with greater efficiency, greater precision and less bleeding than the common dental scalpel.

Pulp tester vividen

The vividen, a state of the art electrical digital pulp tester with greater efficiency, greater accurate and greater convenience than the common dental diagnostic.

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Endodontic Apex Locator Actto Root

DNHmedtech Smart Process combines two advance technologies to accurately analyze signals.
Actto Root Smart Process technology removes virtually all signal interference from the root canal itself to precisely detect the location of apex.